13 Feb 2011

Is it true, that the more we discover about the universe at large, that God more and more resembles the smile on a fading cheshire cat? We put the label of divine intervention on what we do not as yet understand, correct? And we understand more and more, so what is still incomprehensible are more and more arcane, enigmatic twists, thus the analogy. But what if thus we are actually discovering the true nature of God, as well? That He has always been thus, and we are in discovering the mysteries of what is not God, what He has always been? That He has been waiting for us, and yet waits for us beyond the understanding we have now? Perhaps the lesson is summed up in three words: “God is love.” And love is so simple, we may never understand it. So waits that smile, showing us more than we could have imagined possible.

posted by John H. Doe @ 3:11 am

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