19 Oct 2010

I was a prophet in my dream. Yes, another dream. I felt myself in the hands of Christ Himself, and I was before a demon. And I prophesied, speaking words against that demon. For prophecy is not merely to foretell the future, but to be the mouth of God. When I awoke I did not remember what I said, but the feeling while I was there, in the service of the Most High — that I recall. It’s very much like what is called the “flow experience”, where basically, you are absorbed in what you do, and every action inevitable follows the action before it, where basically, for some moments, you can do no wrong. That was the feeling. It is not being in control, and it is not being out of control. It is being one with what the moment brings. And I awoke, for it was just a dream. Quite the dream, though.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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