27 Jan 2009

Where there is dream, there is hope. Even though in this world, so many hopes are dashed, so many dreams fall by the wayside, people yet dare to dream on, to hope as far as their hearts can reach. I sometimes wonder how it would be to lose such a thing as a great dream, a lifetime’s work: how does one pick up the pieces when the hope is lost? I imagine, too, that if one does do such a thing, and keep on when there is naught but dust where dream used to be: this, too, is a noble thing. For when you are on the wrong side of zero, nothing is something. And I think it escapes not the eyes from on high when mighty you struggle, no matter what the outcome. Or to make of what is shattered something that works, however meager its final capacity may be.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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