16 Apr 2008

I saw in a vision why there is something instead of nothing: love is simpler than nothing. The heart of God, in its opening, tells the story of which we all have a part, unfolding a perfect mystery of light. And too, in a vision other, I saw these people all as if standing on the stage of the world, when it was revealed to me: “The Immortals!” Each in wonderous variation, all who had taken the meaning of the Christ into their hearts…. How I have gone without seeing that these things were there, even as I spoke of the miraculous in the every day. How are we to notice a miracle among miracles? We take for granted too much. Letting the seconds slip away until years blink by. And wonder what the visions meant, when then you saw far, far.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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