15 Jul 2007

What kind of toy world do they want? If we were only capable of the good, and not the evil, how much worth would the good possess? That we could never say that we endured the pain — how could we be said to be strong? That God could be comprehended so easily as to able to fit our pictures of blame, even less an entity than our fellow human, whom we cannot decipher? What did we expect from One whom God sent, that He would by sheer muscle drive the evil from this world? Surely, He would not suffer any pain or death, but like a conquering angel set himself up on the throne of the world! These things: they tell of a greater thing than we can imagine, mind beyond our small ideas. Of which the hints are there, if we choose to see. No toy world is this, no mere experiment: the stakes are higher than money can buy: life and death, the dust of eternity.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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