1 Jun 2007

I have been lost in the dreaming for ages, emerging sometimes dripping of the primordial waters, the fountains of Old Eden. I have kept my sights on the horizon, to see if anything comes, or if what I know shall disappear over it, out of even dreaming’s gaze. I think there is fire in me that cannot be touched, so deep is its burning…. Beauty has always been with me, in the most unlikely places at times, if only I chose to look — that ask, and it shall be given you, this held for every equation that amounted to anything at all. ...to find that the distinction blurs: I bring this world into the dreaming, I bring shards of the dreaming into the world…. I have breathed of Heaven’s air, I am sure, paradise so distinct, awakening me from my other nine lives. And as the wheel turns, the silver city floods the light to all who would choose to look up, in awe of all that has always been there: seek, and you shall find.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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