3 Sep 2006

in a soft voice, we speak aloud what we believe
we think no one hears us, and we speak as though to a friend
the world passes by like nothing happened
the day goes to sleep and night stares at us blankly
there are no secrets if no one will care
mirrors have no memory of what we wanted to be
we ourselves forget that we had such words, that needed to be said
words that in our saying, proved that we existed
now, that time has moved us on to other places
we remember some things, and no one is the wiser
we know some things no one possibly would understand
we spoke of what it means to be alive

if the forgetting remembered, the reasons would be plain
how we understood so much, and did so little
because this is just a dream, and we never did say those things
and the world passes by like nothing happened
because for all this dreaming, nothing did

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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