5 May 2006

We shall desire what we shall desire, and no one shall tell us what it is that we want. Or so we would like to think. Our tastes are massaged every day in every way by the sensations of our experiences; though there are too many advertisements that tell us, drink this, wear that, that we cannot remember why it is we buy the things we do — we invariably do follow the wills of those who would sell us something. If it were any other way, such advertising would have died out by now. And it is not only in commercial planes in which we are so influenced: what ideas have you bought recently? What parts of your spirit were sold to you with the certain smile that convinces? Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance asked the question of who is to tell us what is good and bad? And I answer: anyone who has an opinion. And a few who don’t even, but are merely repeating what they’ve heard. But don’t be confused: you are still you. Just understand what it is that might be.

posted by John H. Doe @ 7:53 pm

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