13 Apr 2006

Perhaps we should all remember how easy it was to slip, when we did wrong, or let something happen not right. Remember how easily we excused it away for ourselves? And especially if we were not caught in it, not held responsible for what we knew to be a sin: how easily we let it slide. So, why will we not hear someone else in such a way? Why is it so hard to forgive and forget things when the perpetrator is not we ourselves? Can we not understand it, grow up, and remember? Even if the thing that was done wrong was something that we would never do ourselves (or so we rationalize it) — think of how something that we did do in error, how we would feel if no one could understand that, especially the things we hold in ourselves as being all but justified. This is how the other person is feeling; and the soul within him is no less than ours. If only we could understand, the whole world would. For that which is the world is no more than us.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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