17 Mar 2006

A heartbreak need not be caused by some kind of grievous injury to the soul. If properly placed, a slight tap will do it, if upon a particularly precarious hope the shield is set that one fractures. And we wonder why we hurt so much from it. As Pascal said, that the heart has its reason that reason knows not of, yes: love is logic, and who is to know why, when one brings that up in the tiniest of applications? But the surprising thing is that we will still be surprised. We are all of us so jaded, that such a thing that is sung by a thousand people in the five ways that it can be sung about — why would anything be new to us in the ways of love? Yet the hope is met, that thing we dare not even whisper, perhaps that if to say it would be to render it powerless, or that one scarcely believe it is so: we can fall in love. And it is this hope which is so very vulnerable, and susceptible to the slightest damage, and break our heart — without us ever suspecting that we could believe in such things, anymore.

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:01 am

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