27 Nov 2004


Lost, completely lost:
I recall
the dark night of this soul
where I walked
in the shadows of the city’s alleyways.
I recall
wandering in desperate hope
that I would get
anywhere…. And
there were
angels all around me that I
could not imagine
would follow to where I was.
For I went
where the darkness
peered from the underworld,
where the night
had no end, where time forgot
your identity….
And I know
there were angels:
in quiet moments, there were times
when I knew
without knowing how
that dawn would inevitably
break through
the deepest of all shadow, enter
into the most forsaken
of any world, I,
there in
the city’s alleyway,
peering up at a starless sky,

posted by John H. Doe @ 12:03 am

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